Two fokland machine damaged due to sudden landslide on Itanagar-Jullang-Papunallah road construction site. 

ITANAGAR, Jan 31: In an unfortunate incident two fokland machine (earth movers) was damage due to sudden landslide on Tuesday late night near Pagatara areas who were deployed for road construction, however no casualties were reported.

The folklands was deployed for widening by the contractor of the PWD department of highway road of Jullang to Papu Nallah by pass roads of Itanagar capital city, said overall site incharge Chera March.  

Informing, to clear the cleared for traffic five excavators and personnel have been pressed into service, he said the same would be thoroughly cleared at the earliest and by March 2nd. Since the work is being carried on fast track basis and the said road would be completed by March and for which sufficient man and machines has been deployed. May be due to continued traffic movement and bad weather its take time. In the meantime he further appealed to the commuters to bear with the inconvenienced with the concerned working department.  

The public also believed that earth might have got loosen due to Tuesday night’s downpour, which is why when folkland initiate cutting of earth it falls down with huge boulder.

Due to landslide dozens of cars were seen parked on the stretch as the it remained blocked whole day and may take time for vehicular movement. 

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