Techi Kaso inspected the underpass work construction progress

ITANAGAR, AUG 24 : The Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso today visited the under construction underpass and inspected the work progress of underpass and service lane around the underpass at Bank Tinali and ask the agency to work with a dedication with a quality and smoothly.

Kaso ask the officials and supervisors monitoring the work to ensure the quality of work and smoothness in the project so that in future no problems come again and again and the asset continue to give services to the public of capital complex for long lasting. He also ask the officers to carry forward the finishing work smoothly so that the underpass become a strong and beautiful. He said.

“ we have waited for several months and year,  we may wait for some more days but the finishing works and quality should be compromised in any way” Kaso said.

He also ask the agency supervisor to complete the service lane properly with safety measures immediately so that the commuters as well as pedestrians continue to pass to bank Tinali, Gandhi market with C Sector areas through the said stretch. 

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