Tage Taki appealed to the farmers to vaccinate their cattle and livestock for FMD etc


Tage Taki appealed to the farmers to vaccinate their cattle and livestock for FMD etc

YUPIA, APRIL 23: The Minister for Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary & Dairy Development has today appealed to the people of the state to get proper vaccination to their pet animals and livestock for a good health and economy.

Taki while speaking to media at the sideline of ongoing three days  World veterinary day celebration here at Yupia said that our officers and officials has been doing their best effort but due to reluctant of the animal owners in various pockets of state is the main reason of less vaccination in spite of launching of the project in Last October by Prime Minister of India. The vaccination is mandatory because it is the medicine and booster for animals and even human beings to remain safe from a prescribed disease. He said.

Our staff and doctors have travelled to various remote villages by foot walk but the animals owner has refused to get their mithun vaccinated. Now people have come to know the importance of vaccination and hope that the 2nd phase of vaccination drive  when start to go smoothly. He said.

We are emphasizing the groups of farmers who are engaged in cattle rearing and milking groups to join hands  and tie-up for supply of milk for promotion of white revolution. Soon several machinery is being installed and soon it would help in increasing the mild capacity to meet the requirement of milk in the capital complex.

He said all the schemes like cluster garden, fishery farm, poultry farms, kitchen garden and poly house has been emphasized by the government which would fulfilled the requirement of fish, meat and vegetables as we have learned a lot from Cvoid 19 pandemic in last year when we have to depend for everything from nearly state and others.  Time has come and we have to get rise and do some hard work by cultivating and starting a kitchen garden, agriculture, horticulture activities to become self-sustainable and self-reliant and aatma nirbhar. Taki added.  


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