Successful State-Level Earthquake Drill Conducted in Yingkiong

Yingkiong, Nov 23: In a proactive effort to enhance disaster preparedness, the Upper Siang District Administration District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) successfully organized a State Level Mock Exercise simulating an earthquake scenario today, guided by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Government of India.

Shri Dochora Lama, ADC (Hq) and Incident Commander, oversaw the operations at the staging area in General ground, Yingkiong. Following the completion of the mock exercise, Shri Lama commended all participants during the debriefing session, emphasizing the importance of such drills in ensuring readiness for potential disasters and highlighting the proper response mechanisms.

Token Saring, SP Upper Siang, played a crucial role in supervising the entire exercise. DDMO Beru Dulom expressed gratitude to various government departments, police personnel, medical teams, APWWS unit Yingkiong, community volunteers, and the 1st Arunachal Scout for their contributions to the successful execution of the event.

Dulom emphasized that the primary objective of the mock exercise was to review the district’s emergency preparedness mechanisms and the quality of Standard Operating Procedures, involving all stakeholders. The exercise took place at key locations including Govt Secondary School, Parsing Colony, Office of EE Electrical, Libang Hotel, and District Hospital in Yingkiong. Multiple government departments, police, medical teams, schools, APWWS Yingkiong, community volunteers, and the 1st Arunachal Scout actively participated, showcasing a collaborative effort to strengthen disaster response capabilities in the region.

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