Sonam Losar Festival 2023 is celebrated at Mechuka.

Home Minister Bamang Felix in his speech extended his greetings to the Memba community and to the people of Mechuka on the auspicious Sonam Losar Festival 2023.

He lauded the members of Memba, Pai Libo, Ramo, Bokar and Tagin community for living harmoniously in Mechuka, and stated that such mutual respect for each other’s culture is the key to establish Pan-Arunachal sentiment.

Expressing his appreciation for the splendid and serene landscape of Mechuka, the Home Minister called on every member of local communities to shoulder the promotion of Mechuka as a tourist destination.

Meanwhile, expressing concern over risk of fire incidents in the district due to extensive use of woods in house constructions, Home Minister Felix announced the establishment of a fire services station.

Furthermore, he lauded APLA Speaker PD Sona for undertaking innovative and collective development across the district, Minister Felix urged all concerned to support and cooperate with district administration in implementation of developmental projects.

APLA Speaker and local MLA PD Sona in his address thanked each and everyone on the occasion. He said that I am trying my best to develop the newly created Si Yomi district in all sectors.

Connectivity is the mother of development and the internet and mobile facility is being improved within very short period the civil terminal of Mechuka is nearing completion and once it is completed the commercial flight services will began and distance between Itanagar, Dibrugarh, Guwahati will be very short and time saving. He said.

Sonam Losar festival celebration committee President and secretary also address the occasion.

Several cultural activities including traditional folk dance and folk songs, and traditional sporting activities were conducted on the occasion.

The sonam losar is celebrated by members of the community every year by Melba tribes for progress, development, communal harmony and brotherhood free from disease and also welcome the new year and thanks for the passing year.

DC L Bagra, SP Irak Bagra, commandant of 13 grenadier regiment, Under secretary Home Likha Sampu, HoDs of district, PRI leaders, public leaders, social workers, locals public and others were present on the occasion.

Bite: 1/ Bamang Felix, Home Minister
2/ P D Sona, Speaker APLA & local MLA.

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