Social Activist Seeks Government and Public Support to Address Issues at NIT Jote

Itanagar, Nov 8: Social activist Payi Gyadi has made an impassioned plea for support from the government and the general public to resolve a host of problems afflicting the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Jote, despite filing numerous Right to Information (RTI) requests.

Addressing the press at the Arunachal Press Club (APC), Payi Gyadi expressed his deep concern over the current state of affairs at NIT Jote in the Papum Pare district. Despite being one of the state’s premier educational institutions, the NIT Jote faces several critical issues that have garnered widespread attention.

Gyadi’s visit to NIT Jote revealed troubling facts, including a significant disparity between the actual land under the institute’s boundary (only 50 acres) and the funds allocated for 352 acres. Furthermore, essential amenities such as playgrounds, volleyball courts, tennis courts, and even areas for recreational activities are notably absent on the campus.

He highlighted the absence of a comprehensive master plan and the unresponsiveness to multiple RTI requests seeking essential information about the institute. Frustrated by the lack of action, Gyadi filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), which the court has admitted. A notice has been served to all relevant parties.

Gyadi clarified that the PIL is not meant to hinder the NIT’s development but to press the state government and Papum Pare district administration to allocate the designated land for the institute’s use.

Expressing concerns about corruption and rule violations in the appointment of directors, registrars, and other key positions at NIT Jote, Gyadi called for a thorough investigation to ensure accountability. He emphasized that he has yet to receive proper documentary evidence, but he remains confident that justice will prevail in the court of law.

Gyadi also mentioned his efforts to expedite the investigation by writing to various authorities and former Law Minister Kiren Rijiju, advocating for the establishment of a special CBI court and fast-tracking trials.

Gyadi concluded by underlining the need for transparency in the allocation of funds for NIT’s infrastructure development and urged the public to demand answers about the responsible parties for any shortcomings in the project.

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