Phassang assured to provide the necessary support for the development of Itafort

ITANAGAR, Sep 4: Mayor Itanagar Municipal Corporation(IMC) Tame Phassang has assured to provide the necessary support for the development of Itafort . Mayor was addressing the gathering during the Mass Social service cum Drug awareness program being organized by the Corporator Ward No. 10 Yular Yaro today.

Acknowledging the historical importance of the Itafort, Mayor added Itafort holds a great historical value and also serves as one of the tourist destinations in the capital complex. We must protect it and do every possible effort to conserve it. He also urged Corporator Ward .10 and youths to take proper vigil in its surroundings to refrain from any anti-social activities.

Further, joining the drug awareness programme, the Mayor appealed to the youths to stay away from such illicit activities. Youths are the future of Arunachal, you all have to run the state through the various platforms as bureaucrats, technocrats, entrepreneurs, leaders but indulging in such drugs will not only ruin your future but it will ruin the whole society and the state, he added. He urged the youths’ to follow dedication, determination, and discipline in life.

Meanwhile, he also requested all the denizens to join hands in the fight against the garbage to make Itanagar as one of the cleanest cities in the country. IMC cannot make it, everyone has to generate civic sense to achieve our target, he added.

Among others, Deputy Commissioner –ICR, Talo Potom, Corporator Ward No. 10 Yukar Yaro, Director (Research & Archaeology), Director (Doordarshan), Director (BSNL) and other officers also spoke on the occasion.

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