Pachyderm destroy crops, farmers take up issue with forest department

TEZU, Villagers of remote  Manefro village situated beyond Tabang stream of Loiliang has been threaded by the frequent visit of elephant. A herd of pachyderm in 30 to 40 numbers has damaged both Agri/Horti crops visiting in the night and become cause of worry for the villagers.
When contracted DFO T Pertin said that he along with a team also ventured the night at the village and fled the herd with blank fire and bursting of crackers. “Had it would be 2 to 3 numbers we could have used tranquilizer and relocate them in another place but they are huge in number. We are also helpless and villagers are advised not to go out in night and use crackers and open fire to get away the held”, the DFO says. Man and elephant conflict is a near ending issue. When their habitat and jungles are cleared for agriculture and other development purpose where the elephant will survive. We tactfully need to resolve the issues, he adds further.
The villagers also submitted complain letter to the DFO to resolve the menace and compensate the damages caused by the pachyderm.  A assessment team has also been constituted by the DFO to evaluate the damages. 

By Bishnu Rana

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