MLA Sidisow Leads Public Interaction Program for Development and Welfare Measures in West Kameng District

SINGCHUNG, AUG 18; A public interaction programme took place in which the Thrizinor local MLA, Kumsi Sidisow, ZPMs, GPMs, PRI leaders, SHGs, social, political, and public leaders of the assembly constituency participated. Major development and welfare issues of the assembly constituency were discussed.

The programme was initiated by the Bugun society, panchayat leaders of Singchung and Bichom block, and Bugun Students Union at the indigenous ground, Singchung. The event was attended by people from Bichom, Singchung, and other parts of the assembly constituency in West Kameng district.

Participating in the interaction programme, Thrizino-Buragon local MLA and Environment & Forest Minister Advisor Kumsi Sidisow spoke on various issues related to the welfare of people and the development of the area. He spoke about peaceful coexistence between the Aka and Bugun communities, emphasizing peace, communal harmony, and brotherhood.

Sidisow, while lauding the BJP-led government at the centre under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the state under the leadership of Chief Minister Pema Khandu, highlighted the progress that has taken place. “I have always tried my best to bring various types of development during the last fourteen years as the MLA of the constituency, and while there are only a few months left, some pending schemes have been approved and will be implemented,” said MLA Sidisow.

“Recently, I held a similar programme in Thrizino, where the Aka community assured their support for my developmental efforts in the assembly constituency. Similarly, the Bugun community leaders present in this interaction meeting have also pledged their support for my leadership in the constituency’s development. As an MLA, I have strived to bring about significant development, resulting in a major change in the lifestyle of the constituents. I focused on education, health, water supply, and connectivity as priority sectors, leading to substantial improvements. Changing times bring new requirements, and I will continue my best efforts in the next tenure. I hope that the people of the Thrizino assembly constituency will support me, considering my achievements and work during my tenure,” Sidisow added.

The local MLA, Sidisow, announced plans for two bridges in Singchung, 1 crore for the festival ground wall, 50 lakhs for the approach road, a dialysis machine for Singchung health centre, and various other schemes for different parts of the assembly constituency. ZPMs Shanti Lali, Rekha Marphew, Chairman of the All Bugun Society Yangzin Murphew, General Secretary Sunil Bachung, ABSU President Sani Bachung, former ZPM of Singchung Sang Norbu Sarai, former ZPM of Bichom Rina Lali, and West Kameng district BJP president Yeshi Yamchadu also participated.”

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