Minor girl of 6 years found naked with brutality in cold winter, one arrested

Manoj Singh || ITANAGAR, JAN 30 : Everyone is feeling cold due to cold winter in month of January and fresh cold wave and snowfall in various part of state including in the hilly mountainous area bordering Indo-Tibet/China at Tawang, Si Yomi, Upper Subansiri, Kurung Kumey, Dibang Valley and Anjay district of state but a hurt touching information shared by Lower Dibang Valley bring several question in the everyone mind where the society is leading toward.

A very disturbing information which has shared by Lower Dibang Valley Superintendent of Police (SP) raised several question as where our society is heading toward. Why we only see one side of the coin. When there are several rules and regulation and rights and privileges provided by the constitution and at the same time there are certain duty which need to be performed by the general masses. Youths are our future and childrens who did not attained the age of 18 and even below ages need to be supported and helped so that their future become bright and they become our future to serve the society. our future are in our hands and we have to shape our childrens future for better development of state and country. 

An information shard by Lower Dibang Valley SP Akanksha Yadav says that we need to retrospect ourselves before we employee minor and even in otherwise also we have to take care of the minors to secure their future.  “6 year old girl found naked with brutal injuries on her body. She  was abused, beaten and abandoned naked on road yesterday in cold winter night. Her leg bone is broken in two parts; she might need surgery to walk again. She was purchased as bonded labour from Assam in exchange of mobile phone given to her parents’. She said. 

“One accused apprehended by  Roing police within 2 hours of first reporting of the case and hunt is on for the remaining two accused”. She added. 

Meanwhile, a FIR has been filed on January 29 afternoon at Roing Police station by an individual against three person including a female for keeping minor for slavery, physical and sexual assault and a case has been registered at Roing Police station vide  Case No 04/2024 u/s-325/370/34 IPC R/W Sec 10 of the POCSO Act. The case has been endorsed to a female police officer for investigation.

The FIR filed said that “ A minor girl of aged around 6-7 has been recovered in a naked and abandoned condition. The minor girl was also found to have sustained serious injuries on her body”. 

The preliminary enquiry upon the case, it has been found that the minor girl has been purchased from unknown person by the accused as a bonded labour without any pithiness upon minor girl and using her as domestic servant since months in his residence located at Roing. The girl child has also been found to have subjected to physical assault and torture under the three accused The fire added.

It is a great message for everyone those who kept minors as maid servant or domestic help to have full proof documents before keeping them at home and other public places or any work places. It is also a message that the minors who did not have seen the world over need to given their rights and privilege before they become adult and search for employment opportunities.  

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