Lockdown extend in Itanagar capital region : Libang

ITANAGAR, 28 May: The health minister Alo Libang has said that the decision to extend lockdown in Itanagar capital region (ICR) was not easy and it has been done in the best interest of the denizens. Talking to the press here on Friday he said the government also did not want to impose a lockdown but were left with no option.

 “We fully understand the sentiments of the citizens. Daily wage earner suffers a lot. But lockdown is the main weapon to stop the rapid spread of viruses. Appeal to the public to support lockdown for their own safety and we also appreciate their support till now,” said the health minister.

 The minister also shared that random testing will be further increased in the coming days. “Testing will be doubled in the ICR. We have formed more teams to conduct tests across the capital complex,” he said.

   Libang appealed to frontline and health workers along with those above 45 years to come forward to get vaccines. “We have formed a team to trace people of these categories who are yet to get vaccines. There are enough vaccines for the people of these categories. If all of them voluntarily come forward to get vaccines we will be in a much better position,” said the health minister. Further he assured that by mid of the June there will be enough vaccines for the people in the category of 18 to 44 in the state.

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