Fraud and cheating in medical reference cases from NE states- lessons to be learnt

By Robin Hibu IPS

If any one from north eastern states is coming to Delhi or other cities for medical treatment, than one must do elaborate preparation for expenses, shelter, blood arrangements, know the detail expenses likely to incure, some known person to fall back in case of emergency situation, do well research of the hospital, don’t just rush immediately.

-Today, after navigating in three hospitals for last 3 months , female patient from Tripura expired, her helpless son reached for emergency help, finally, Helping Hands Volunteers rushed and last rite was done at Green Park Cremenatorium. Her son had spent all his earning in different hospitals while trying to save her mother.
Medical bill was exorbitant in all 3 hospitals, broken and hapless ….

A patient from Assam was recommended by doctors for treatment at Noida for kidney treatment ,on arrival it was huge expenses was incured, triple of the estimated treatment cost .
No ready bed, had to spent waiting periods in hotel. Once money was over, they were asked to deposit more money without which no treatment further in hospital.
Heart broken reached out to Helping Hands, some how, managed concession of 1lakhs, he withdrew the patients and had to give shelter at Delhi Police Officer’s IB, ssdly went back home without cure, with empty pocket, couldn’t afford further money for treatment.

Another patient from Arunachal rushed to Delhi for treatment of his acute diabetes on the recommendation of doctor with an approx expenses, but on arrival at Delhi, expenses were double with all those charges which was not in the package of treatment.
Than he changed smaller hospital, here too expenses were very high, operated once, hotel bill shot up, Helping Hands had to intervened myself for concession of 80,000 of operation fee etc. Even had to meet the doctor to request him for best treatment. With medical bill shooting up beyond 10 lakhs, he is under depression and high blood pressure .
Has spent all his saving .

One cancer patient was running from pillar to post hoping for proper treatment and cure, but the expenses made him more worried, finally succumbed to deadly disease.
Helping Hands sponsored sponsored body transportation to Imphal .

There is massive cancer patinets coming to Delhi ,Mumbai for treatment, many dies and many are struggling with skeletal bodies, relatives reaching out to me for financial help .
Alas , I could managed few lakhs from PM Relief Fund for my friend’s young daughter treatment.

What made me sad and feel helplessness is the lack of awareness about the high cost of treatment, other expenses required in costly cities hospitals treatment.

These patients are not aware of the medical representatives of 8 North Eastern State’s Bhavans to assist them, many are not awareness of CM emergency Relief Fund, PM emergency Relief Fund, only MPs and MLAs can recommend for such emergency relief fund .

What deeply made me sad and sombre is when a top cancer specialist doctor in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital told me when I enquired about early death of one of my uncle who died of cancer at Delhi …

” When there is massive cases of cancer patients from north east states, mostly late detection, can you all ask for top specialist NE Cancer Super Specialist Referral and Research Hospital in one of the centrally located NE state ?
That would help to detect early cancer and would reduce the agonies of going outside like Delhi and Mumbai for cancer patinets treatment.

I hope, dream and pray to God someday, NE region would have that Super Special Cancer Referral , that would save many cancer patients and relatives need not spend all their life saving to save their loved ones in the heartless greedy cities cancer hospitals.

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