Forest Minister Mama Natung appealed to maintain greenery and avoid burning of forest for jhum cultivation

ITANAGAR, MARCH 24 ; The rampant forest fire in the hills in and around capital complex is a matter of concern, we should avoid deforestation by forest fire and discourage jhum cultivation by burning of a large area of green forest. 

“ It should be a matter of concern for all of us on the forest fire for several purposes which include jhum cultivation in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, we should cultivate several crops but not by burning a large green forest in the name of jhum cultivation”. Said Environment & Forest Minister Mama Natung while speaking to the media on Wednesday.

Natung said that Arunachal Pradesh is a hot spot of biodiversity and is placed at no 12 and we should continue to work for protection of the environment and forest and wildlife. The government of India  has developed an app for making alerts on forest fires and by which the officers and technicians of forest department will make necessary study and where such forest fires take place and what remedy can be taken to prevent or minimize. The minister said.

We should discourage hunting and avoid eating wild meats and all such steps will help in protection and preservation of greenery in and around our village and city. The state government has launched several awareness programmes in urban areas and also in rural areas. All the CCF circle and DFO at Divisional level has been directed to constitute forest protection teams who also act as forest fire protection units and they use to carry awareness and patrolling in vulnerable areas which are identified by the department from time to time. The vulnerability is being decided on several aspects. He said.

PCCF and Principal secretary Environment & Forest, R K Singh inform that   during dry season it is vulnerable and there is a tradition that the locals do jhum cultivation and forest fires are done but slowly is reducing in passing of time.

The culture of jhum cultivation by forest fire cannot be stopped at once but the habits are being changed from time to time and we will continue to appeal the general public  to avoid and discard forest fire for jhum cultivation. He said.

The forest fire also affects the catchment area and due to which several water sources are at the verge of extinction and it is necessary or else there may be drinking water problems in such areas. He said. 

Due to forest fire in any means several creatures and wildlife are burned down and such affect the food cycle and also affect ecosystem,  all country of world are very concerned of global warming so it is necessary that we all have to remain united and work together to save the environment and forest and also avoid forest fire for any purpose. PCCF said.

Teams has been constituted in all the divisional and sub-divisional level, forest fire squad has also formed at local level and they also create awareness at local level and also work during such mass forest file, several cases has also been registered and arrest has also taken places, but these are not the solution and the best way to protect the environment and forest and wildlife is to avoid forest fire, avoid wanton destruction of forest and natural forest, avoid killing wildlife and save environment. He said.

We all are responsible and a responsibility is for all to save the environment, awareness and initiative has begun from community level and some result has been seen on ground. Forestation and plantation activities are regularly undertaken, during the Covid pandemic it was not successful but nursery has been raised across the state and soon we will start plantation activities as per divisional and circle level. 

Free plant distribution programmes are being done in several parts of the state to motivate the locals in plantation and the locals are also taking part with enthusiasm. Around 1000 hectares are being undertaken this year.   PCCF said.

We have given direction to all the divisional officers to get registered on fire alert system of forest survey of India, we have also created an app at state level also wherein the officers can register with user id. today we have got a report that most of the fire incidents are of jhum cultivation. He said.

The climate change action plan is also in progress and soon several activities will be taken under consideration to prevent forest fires. He added.

Direction has been issued to all the CCF, DFO, RFO to take up preventive measure against forest fire in their respective area with the help of locals, media, posters, radio talk, advertisement in local newspaper, signboard and through local leaders, PRI Leaders, NGOs etc. the respective officers has also been directed to submit report on forest fire quarterly. PCCF further said.    

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