Exceptional Students from Puroik Community Honored with Governor’s Excellence Awards

In a remarkable move towards promoting inclusivity and socio-economic development, the Raj Bhavan in Itanagar has taken a significant stride by bestowing the prestigious Governor’s Excellence Awards upon nine exceptional students hailing from the Puroik Community. These awards stand as a testament to their outstanding academic accomplishments and the potential they hold for the future.

The Puroik Community, an integral part of the societal fabric, has received due recognition for their contributions through this commendable initiative by the Raj Bhavan. The awards reflect the administration’s strong commitment to uplifting all sections of society, particularly those that have been marginalized. Education and empowerment are highlighted as key catalysts for progress, as demonstrated by the Governor’s Excellence Awards.

The esteemed recipients of the Governor’s Excellence Awards include Ms. Jacinta Yakali, Ms. Yari Bechang, Shri Laxman Bechangdao, Ms. Paji Yapa, Shri Haye Danny, Ms. Ban Gram Yakli, Ms. Ruth Yachu, Ms. Eliza Puroik, and Shri Daniel Bechang. These brilliant students have showcased unwavering dedication and diligence in their academic pursuits, becoming role models for their peers and embodying the potential for positive transformation within their community. The Raj Bhavan acknowledges their efforts and encourages them to continue striving for excellence in their chosen fields.

The Governor’s Scholarship Fund, a benevolent initiative, has facilitated the conferment of these awards, with cash prizes ranging from Rs. 8000.00 (Rupees Eight Thousand) to Rs. 6000.00 (Rupees Six Thousand) each. This financial aid aims to provide a strong foundation for these young scholars to further their education and pursue their career aspirations.

This endeavor aligns seamlessly with the Raj Bhavan’s vision of a progressive, inclusive, and prosperous society. By recognizing and fostering academic brilliance among meritorious students from the Puroik Community, the Raj Bhavan underscores its dedication to creating a more equitable and promising future for all.

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