Drive safely, park your vehicle safely so that other commuters and traffic movement are not disturbed : Nobin Jomoh

ITANAGAR, JUNE 24 : The Capital Traffic police has appealed to all the commuters and road users specially the vehicle owners not to create problems for others while driving and parking of your vehicle on the roadside.

Haphazard parking on the road has been creating lots of hurdles for fellow commuters and on several occasions it has been witnessed that due to haphazard parking by few disobedient drivers and vehicle owners there has been traffic jams and smooth traffic movements has also been badly affected.

The traffic safety cell of the Capital police has started its task with a proper parking system on the roadside and has since joining Dy SP Traffic P Nobin Jomoh has been advocating for parking of any types of vehicles as specified place of parking without touching the white line of the road. Jomoh has been seen on street for last few days with PA system and dozens of Traffic wardens and traffic police has been deployed at vulnerable places especially at Ganga market and Gandhi market area and road leading toward C Sector and other important location of the capital city including the Naharlagun township and other parts of the city and observing the way the general masses support the new system of the traffic parking in the capital complex.

.It has been observed that people have still not learnt properly to park their vehicle and due to which the traffic police has been challenging the defaulters across the capital complex and in a single day on June 23rd a sum of Rs.182600. Collection of a huge fine is a matter of great concern for the denizens of the capital complex.

A senior officer and a senior police officer says that better not to give opportunity to traffic police to fine we need to learn to park our vehicle in proper way and if there is no space for parking please walk for a small distance to visit to your office and shops etc. When we learn to live with Covid within a few months, why can’t we learn to park our vehicle on our own national highway or the arterial roads of the colony/sector.

The Capital Traffic Police team under DySP Nobin Jomoh is working very hard to enforce traffic rules in the capital and request denizens of the capital to follow traffic rules, save lives and save cash as well.

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