District Library Khonsa Celebrates National Reading Month with Grand Event

Khonsa, 18th July: The District Library in Khonsa was abuzz with excitement as it celebrated National Reading Month with a grand event. Dr. Ripi Doni, the esteemed Circle Officer of Khonsa, graced the occasion, joining Chaphun Sumnyan, the DLIO Khonsa, Nawang L. Medam, the Incharge BEO Khonsa (Resource Person), Tenyok Tangjang, Junior Librarian, and the entire staff of the District Library Office.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome note delivered by DLIO Khonsa, who highlighted the tremendous importance of celebrating National Reading Month nationwide. She shed light on the exceptional contributions of P.N. Panicker, a visionary pioneer in the field of education, literacy, and the library movement. To pay homage to this illustrious figure, a special tribute session was held.

To mark the occasion, an Essay Competition was organized, inviting students from G.H.S.S Borduria, G.T.S.S Khonsa, and G.S.S Pinewood Khonsa to participate. The competition featured two engaging topics: “The Benefits of Reading Books” and “An Evaluation of the Activities: Reading Books Vs. Watching Movies.” The students showcased their talent and knowledge, impressing the judges with their insightful essays.

After careful deliberation, the winners of the Essay Competition were announced. Wincha Lowang Medam from G.H.S.S Borduria secured the first prize, impressing the judges with their outstanding composition. Naina Wangnow from G.S.S Pinewood Khonsa earned the second prize, while Pradip Dhar from G.T.S.S Khonsa claimed the third prize. All participants were honored with certificates as consolation prizes, which were presented by the Chief Guest and the Resource Person.

During her address, Dr. Ripi Doni stressed the significance of libraries and the cultivation of reading habits among students from a young age. She passionately expressed how libraries play a pivotal role in creating a vibrant school culture and help students shape their individuality. Dr. Doni commended all the winners for their exceptional performance in the Essay Competition and encouraged them to continue their literary endeavors.

Nawang L. Medam, the Incharge BEO Khonsa, captivated the audience with his insightful session on efficient time management for students. He also shed light on social media etiquette and raised awareness about the perils of cyberbullying. Medam urged students to prioritize reading habits over addictive online mobile games, emphasizing the value of intellectual growth and personal development.

DLIO Khonsa delivered the Vote of Thanks, expressing gratitude to all the participants, esteemed guests, and dedicated staff members who made the event a resounding success.

In addition to the inspiring activities, the event also featured a Free Library Membership drive, allowing students to avail themselves of the resources and opportunities offered by the District Library Khonsa. The drive aimed to foster a love for reading and encourage students to explore the vast world of knowledge within the library’s walls.

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