Devastating Fire in Dadam Village: MLA Aboh Extends Swift Support

Dadam, Nov 17– A tragic incident unfolded in Dadam Village, Tirap District, on 15th November, as two homes were engulfed in flames, one a sturdy SPT building and the other a kutcha house with a gas cylinder explosion. Fortunately, house owners Shri Naphoia Wangsa and Mrs. Chasu Wangsa were away, escaping harm.

The fire, believed to be accidental, originated in the kitchen of the bamboo-thatched kutcha house, swiftly spreading to the adjoining SPT building. The Hon’ble MLA of the 56th constituency, Khonsa West, Smti Chakat Aboh, promptly visited the site on 16th November, providing crucial support to the affected families. MLA Aboh supplied 50 sheets of CGI and essential commodities, offering a compassionate response to the distressing situation.

During her visit, MLA Aboh advised the families to incorporate adequate space in their reconstruction plans to minimize future fire risks, demonstrating a commitment to community safety. In response to the incident, an immediate relief team, including Co Dadam Pik Tayom, SDRF, and DDMA staff, conducted a thorough assessment of property losses and distributed relief items to the affected families, addressing their immediate needs.

The community expresses gratitude to MLA Chakat Aboh and the relief team for their swift and compassionate response, providing essential aid for the recovery and reconstruction of the affected families.

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