Capital police, Childline rescues 4 month old baby from drug peddlers, arrests two person.

Itanagar, Sep 13: Capital police along with Childline rescues 4 month old baby from known drug peddlers within 4 hours, arrests two accused from Itanagar. 

Capital police informed in a release, On 11/09/2022, information was received from a female drug addict regarding a case of child trafficking, immediately Childline Itanagar was informed and they filed a complaint in PS Itanagar. 

As per the complaint, the biological mother had borrowed some money from one Badal Natung, 47 years, originally from Seijosa. However, when she failed to return the money, the accused, after knowing she was pregnant, induced her to give the baby to him after the birth. The accused along with one Miss Anu Wangsa used to allure her with drugs and extra money. And after the delivery of the baby, they took the baby from her possession. She did not refuse the accused due to fear. The baby, four month old when reported, is in the custody of Badal Natung and Anu Wangsa. The release said. 

Anu Wangsa who is a known drug peddler and user as she was arrested last year on drug possession charges and Badal Natung is her associate. Thus, there was serious concern on the well being of the child. Release informed. 

Upon receipt of the complaint, a case u/s 370(3)/34 r/w section 80/81 JJ Act was registered in PS Itanagar and a special team was formed to arrest the accused and rescue the child. The team of police along with ChildLine soon rescued the trafficked child and arrested the accused Badal Natung from his residence in Donyi polo road, itanagar and co-accused Anu Wangsa from Chimpu tinali, Itanagar. Release added. 

The child was produced before the CWC and upon its direction, handed over the child to the OJU welfare association for safe custody.

The whole Operation was supervised by Additional SP Capital, Thutan Jamba, APPS ably supported by a police team including Insp Rongrang, Insp Takhe Tasso and Insp M Mibang with local area Magistrate. 

CWC, Itanagar Chairperson Smt Likha Asha and Chairperson OJU welfare Association Smt Ratan Anya with teams from Childline and WHL provided critical support in ensuring safety of the infant child. Informed the release. 

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