Capital DC directed PWD to immediately repair and maintain the road of C Sector

 ITANAGAR, MAY 23:  The Capital Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom has today directed the engineer of PWD Capital Division B to take up the repairing and maintenance of the road of C Sector which connect Bank Tinali Upper C Sector and NH-415 near C-II Sector in the city.

Potom said that due to upcoming and under construction of the underpass on the National Highway between C Sector and Bank Tinali all the traffic of the highway has been diverted through the C Sector road connecting on bank Tinali to Upper C Sector road which further connect the NH-415 at A, B sector and 0 Point Tinali and also near Heema Hospital. The road of C Sector is nor working like main highway but it is in bad shape and I have already discussed the matter with the officer and engineer of Capital Division B and discussion has been in progress for last few days as the road is playing an important role in the pandemic for the person on essential duty and others.  He said.

Today also I have a discussion with the engineer and I have directed him to carryout the repairing and maintenance work immediately and for which the traffic may required to be diverted,  it can also be made as one way traffic but it has been observed the repairing and maintenance work was carried out last two week and due to heavy downpour the condition remain same as the required sufficient time for curing of the cemented concrete was not been maintained.  Potom said.

“ I have suggested they carry out carpeting and hope the engineers after proper verification and survey they may take up the issue on war footing and till such time the traffic on the said stretch will be completely diverted and the Dy. SP (Traffic) Nobin Jomoh who has recently joined will make necessary traffic management after proper discussion with undersigned”. Potom added.

Meanwhile, PWD CD ‘B’ Assistant Engineer Neelam Mama inform that we have already repaired the stretch of road from NH-415 connecting point at C-II sector upto the counting point on BankTinali Upper C Sector road twice in past one month but the heavy downpour and no time given for curing the cement concrete portion has damaged twice. We have already discussed repairing the said stretch with two option either to be repaired by CC or carpeting. We did a survey and hope we may mobilize tools and plants by tomorrow subject to weather conditions and hope we may take up carpeting work by this week for a permanent solution. He said.

For carpeting works the traffic on the said stretch may be completely closed during such time. the AE said.

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