BJP observe ‘Seva hi sanghtan’ as part of 7th anniversary of Modi govt at Centre

PAKKE KESSANG,.MAY 30 : The ruling BJP party today celebrated the 7th anniversary of Narendra Modi government at centre and 2nd Pema Khandu led government in state as ‘ seva hi sanghtan’ in a simple ceremony amid Covid pandemic in Pakke kessang district and across the state.

Addressing, the dedicated party leaders and elected PRI Leaders working in Covid management, the state BJP President and Pakkekessang BJP MLA Biyuram Wahge said that we are observing the Seva hi sanghtan in view of surge in Covid pandamic and to commemorate the 7 years of successful government of BJP party led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 2 years government of BJP in state by Chief Minister Pema Khandu. He said.

The main economic activities has been badly affected as the industry, factory and revenue earning sources are close and due to Covid pandemic since 2020 but time has come that we have to depnd on ourselves and work hard to create own resources without depending on others and try to become aatma nirbhar or self reliant to become self sustainability he said
The Covid pandemic has given us a lesson and since last year we learn to grow and cultivate various types of agriculture and Horticulture including vegetables, fishery and other essential food products and are earning for their livelihood and food for the family and earn to upgrade the economy during the pandemic. Wahge said.

Organisation is only to serve the general public and urge each and everyone those who has not been vaccinated of Covid vaccine so far to get vaccinated at an early date. Wahge added
Wqhge further said that several parts of state are under lockdown and till such lockdown the people form other aera should not visit in those affected area and should stay safe in their respective village and towns. Eh also appeal all section of society to contact the party volunteers and medial officers and control room for any help during the pandamic

District BJP Incharge Likha Maj said that we are passing through a critical period and all of us irrespective of party affiliation we need to help and support each other during every passing day of the Covid pandemic we are losing more than hundred people. At the same time we as a responsible citizens need to cooperate the frontline workers and Covid warriors in the fight against the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic. He said.

After my appointment as District party incharge I shall always look forward to promote party activities including the Covid management.
Our state govt is doing its best effort to make allout effort and management during the hour of crisis in helping the general people right from the 1st wave. He said adding that supply of oxygen, health facility with imposition of lockdown in various parts of state to stop the chain link of infection of Coronavirus in state.

Maj also elaborated the achievement of BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at centre and Pema Khandu in state was also informed the leaders of the area.
The team led by Biyuram Wahge and LIkha Maj visited Veo, Sede village in Pijerang and distributed around six thousand facemask, cartons of hand sanitizer bottles, and hand wash bottles to the PRI leaders and party cadres who are working as volunteers oin creating awareness on Covid and other.
Both Wahge and Maj also interacted the party leaders in various parts of the Pakke kessng and motivated them to work in Covid management activities and help the people to remain safe from the infection from Coronavirus.

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