An off-road Truck being pulled by rope on NH-415 got broken, several parked vehicles damaged

ITANAGAR, Reportedly a off-road Truck being towed  by another truck with the help of thin rope (wire) got broke while passing on hilly road on four lane road near 0 Point Tinali on National Highway-415  this afternoon and the off-road truck hit several parked vehicle kept there on the either side of the road after crossing the divider. The capital police said.

Itanagar Police station Officer, OC Inspector Phasang Simi informed the press that the incident is of around 3.30 PM this afternoon when an information has been received that a truck has hit several parked cars in 0 Point Tinali area near KFC. The team of police led by SI Bui rushed to spot and found that a truck was tilting toward the commercial building on the other side of the road, several parked vehicles including two wheelers, three wheelers and four wheelers were damaged. There was chaos among the people while the driver of the ill fated trick fled from the scene. Simi said.

As per information received by onlookers, the Truck bearing registration No AS 01 M C 5434 was being  towed by another truck and while passing through the 0 Point Tinali area the rope (wire) tied got broke and the truck come back in speed, it crossed the divider and hit several parked vehicle on the others die of vehicle. As of now eight vehicles have been damaged of which some are completely. Simi said.

All the damaged vehicles have been removed from the scene and seized. Traffic flow was normalised Several FIR has been received and a case has been registered at Itanagar Police station vide case No-451/2021 u/s-271/427. The case has been endorsed to the Motor vehicle inspector (MVI) and further investigation has been launched. He said.

The police are looking for the driver of the truck who has fled from the scene, no one has been injured in the incident. OC Simi said.

He further appealed to the citizens to park their vehicle in a safer place, even in other cases there have been lots of reports that the parked vehicle on the roadside has been hit and got damaged. 

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