State BJP unit rejected the claim of opposition of using Pegasus spyware

ITANAGAR, July 21: The State Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday rejected allegations by Congress that the BJP government at the centre is using Pegasus spyware developed by an Israel-based firm NSO  to snoop on political leaders, calling it “baseless” and “False” without any iota of truth .

In a press conference, State BJP Spokesperson Dr. Mohesh Chai claimed that the opposition party cooked up the Pegasus spyware attack story in a desperate attempt to disrupt the monsoon session of Parliament and derail development activities.

Justifying his claims, Chai said that some important bills pertaining to women and childrens, bills for the welfare of the backward people of the country are to be passed in the Parliament Monsoon session  and new cabinet ministers were to be introduced during the session by the PM which has not been allowed to continue. Dr Chai said..

“Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier given a clarion call to the opposition parties that the present government at the Center is ready to debate any issue related to development in the upcoming Parliament session citing it has nothing to hide,” Chai said .

Chai regretted that despite PM request  the Congress party cooked up the Pegasus story that too without any evidence to substantiate its claims and created unnecessary obstacles during parliament session displaying utter disregard to the sanctity of Parliament.

“Creating a ruckus on the floor of Parliament in an attempt to stop  the prime minister from bringing out crucial pro backwards people welfare bills is very unfortunate and uncalled for,” Chai pointed out adding that the countryman should commend  the PM modi for inducting MPs in his council of ministers belonging from other backward classes of society.

“The million dollar question is why Congress brought up this issue just a day before the Parliament session begins. The Congress party is leveling baseless allegations on the NDA government lacking  any concrete evidence and trying to mislead the nation ,” he said.

 “Obstructor For the Destructor,”  pointed out Chai saying that there may be outside forces or foreign powers backing the Congress party in snitching the ploy to discredit the present Modi led government.

While condemning the installation of parliament for the last few days and said that it should not have happened to install the smooth functioning of the parliament.
While admitting that the phone tapping has come into the news earlier but it happens but due permission from the Home department and state government is mostly related to national security. He said.

It may be handy work for someone who does not want the fast progress and development under the leadership of the Prime Minister who may have hatched a hate campaign.

Whatever issue is there the political party leaders specially the members of parliaments should raise the issue and have a proper debate and discussion but installing the parliament is not praise worthy. Dr. Chai added.

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