Locals demand re-assessment of Keyi HPD by DC only and solution of grievances submitted on several occasions

PISTANA, APRIL 25 ; The locals and former PRI leaders of few panchayat and project affected area in Pistana circle of Yachuli circle under Lower Subansiri district has been opposed the reassessment of the Keyi Hydro electric power project in the area by team officers other than Deputy commissioner concern. 

Speaking to media, former Gram Chairperson of Anbam Panchayat Licha Raja  inform that we have made complain on several occasion opposing the Keyi HEP being executed in the area by DD Hydro power & Developers  Pvt Ltd, we have submitted our representation at various level in various point of time, we have several grievances related with the said project and we are equally very much concern they way the power developer and its  representative are pursuing the matter with the government. He said.

We are not properly briefed and the process of the work being taken up are not being properly updated with the locals so we doubt its execution as we have witnessed several such instances in the state and that’s why we are  complaining to the district administration, power department and state government, he said.

A  letter address to the Lower Subansiri Deputy Commissioner by former PRI Leaders of Amban Panchayat, Shally panchayat and Pistana panchayat has also been submitted today to the Pistana circle officer who was supposed to carry out reassessment on the project, since the circle officers and other officers of the committee are members and they cannot decide any issue on the grievance and so  we oppose and said that only DC led team can reassess as approved by the state government in  a meeting few months back if DC feel to verify and inspect . he said.

Today the locals of three panchayats has gathered to oppose the reassessment which was supposed to be carried out by the Pistana CO but we come to know that he has accepted our plea and the reassessment has been postponed. He added.

“ We are the locals of the project affected area of Keyi HEP and we will not allow to execute the project until the locals are taken into confidence with regards to free power supply to the locals residents and project affected people, there is a need of modification in the MOU/MOA unless we are not with the part of the project. Said Toko Teti, Chairman Shally Pistana panchayat welfare society. 

As per information the project was of 5 MW but in later stages its capacity has been enhanced to 23MW and is beyond our understanding so it should be made clear to the general public and project affected people about its impact, benefits and facility to the public and all other issues unless we will never support. He added that we are not against the development and establishment of the project but we should equally be made party to the development and facility and benefit to the locals and project affected people living in the area being enlightened in MOA/MOU . Said Toko Teti.

Today we have a silent protest and if the district administration, power department and state government do not respond to our grievances we will be compelled to launch democratic movement in time to come. Toko Teti added.

Reacting to the allegation, the project representative LIkha Tabo informs, that the Keyi Hydro electric project was awarded during the Chief minister Late Dorjee Khandu for power development upto 25 MW to indigenous people in 2010 and to make a dream of developing power supply. Since then I have been pursuing the matter and all the formalities and land assessment and compensation were finalized in which the complainant was not made available or may not be informed but all the formalities were done as per requirement. He said.

The Keyi HPD would benefit the locals and also upgrade the status and economy of the people of the area. The majority of the public are patiently waiting for the project and I, being a power developer, may have not been able to reach out to each and every one of the area. He said.

The required activities and formalities were done in due course of time in the past 12 years. Today I come to know that the formalities being done need transparency and toady the protesters has objected to the reassessment, so I will also wait for the reassessment and further approval of the project and hope the locals are benefited by the project and the issue and grievances are being resolved and a HPD come up in Pistana one day. Tabo added.  

Meanwhile , Pistana circle officers inform that the Deputy Commissioner will be update on today’s development and another date for the reassessment would be finalized. 

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