Grand Republic day celebration in Tawang defies snowy challenges

On the monumental 75th Republic Day, Deputy Commissioner Kanki Darang led an inspiring celebration in Tawang, overcoming the snow-covered landscape to unfurl the national flag at the general parade ground. Dignitaries, including MLA Tawang Tsering Tashi and Chairman DoKAA Jambey Wangdi, joined in the festivities, defying the previous night’s snowfall.

The event featured vibrant cultural programs by students, self-help groups, and cultural organizations, injecting vivid colors into the wintry scene. Games and sports brought together students and the public, fostering a sense of community warmth.

As Chief Guest, DC Tawang commended the exceptional performance of teachers and students in CBSE Class XII and Class X results. Addressing electricity supply challenges, he proposed solutions for Jang sub-division, seeking cooperation from the community.

Post-flag hoisting, DC Tawang paid homage to freedom fighters and expressed gratitude to soldiers safeguarding borders. Dignitaries explored departmental stalls and an Indian Army weapon display. Winners of competitions and participants in cultural programs and parades were honored, including Khandro Drowa Zangmo from District Hospital, Tawang, for dedicated public service.

Reports from Jang and Lungla sub-divisions and other administrative outposts of Tawang district reflected widespread participation and enthusiasm, making the 75th Republic Day celebration a memorable testament to unity and resilience in the face of wintry challenges.

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