DDSE Tabia Chobin Conducts Surprise Visit to Hija Higher Secondary School

Lower Subansiri Dy. Director of School Education, Tabia Chobin, conducted a surprise visit on Wednesday to Hija Higher Secondary School to assess the academic progress and punctuality of both teachers and students.

The visit comes in the wake of the disappointing CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) results from the previous year, coupled with a series of social media posts and public criticism highlighting the underperformance of Government schools in the district. The information regarding the dismal performance was shared by the District’s Director of School Education (DDSE).

To address the concerns and get a firsthand understanding of the situation, DDSE Tabia Chobin decided to visit Hija Higher Secondary School. The primary aim of the visit was to identify the actual reasons behind the poor results and identify any potential bottlenecks that might have contributed to the lackluster performance.

During the visit, Tabia Chobin interacted with teachers and students, evaluating various aspects of the school’s functioning, such as teaching methods, infrastructure, and overall school management. The visit aimed to shed light on the factors that led to the unsatisfactory performance and pave the way for future improvements.

DDSE Tabia Chobin stated that the government is committed to enhancing the quality of education in Government schools and assured that appropriate measures would be taken to address the identified issues. She emphasized the need for collective efforts from teachers, students, and parents to elevate the standard of education in the district’s schools.

This surprise visit serves as a significant step in the government’s ongoing efforts to revamp the education system and ensure that students receive the best possible education. The findings from this visit are expected to guide the implementation of targeted initiatives to improve the overall academic performance and efficiency of Government schools in the Lower Subansiri district.

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