Breakthrough Achieved in AAPSU-AASU Conclave: Addressing Immigration & Arunachal-Assam Boundary Issue

ITANAGAR, JULY 29: In a landmark event, the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) and All Assam Students Union (AASU) convened a one-day conclave in Itanagar to tackle pressing issues that have long plagued the region. With the presence of North East Students Organization (NESO) leaders, the meeting proved to be a significant step forward in resolving critical concerns.

Chief Advisor of NESO, Dr. Samujjal Bhattarchayra, briefed reporters about the fruitful discussions held during the conclave. The primary focus of the meeting was on the issue of illegal immigration, which poses a serious threat to the indigenous populations of both Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, as well as the broader North East region. The student leaders stressed the urgency of detecting and deporting illegal foreigners from the voter list and demanded a bilateral agreement between India and Bangladesh to address the situation effectively.

Expressing concerns about the porous Indo-Bangladesh border, Dr. Bhattarchayra urged the central government to adopt a mechanism similar to the one employed to seal the India-Pakistan border. He emphasized the need for an effective border sealing mechanism to safeguard the interests of the region and its people.

In addition to the immigration issue, the AAPSU-AASU conclave also addressed the long-standing Arunachal-Assam boundary dispute. Participants resolved to pursue a time-bound implementation of the Assam Accord, marking a significant step towards finding a solution to the lingering border problem.

The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was another contentious topic of discussion during the conclave. The leaders expressed their reservations about the CAA, particularly its implications on the states of Meghalaya, Tripura, Assam, and certain areas under the 6th schedule. The student organizations urged the Government of India to reconsider and ultimately scrap the CAA in the greater interest of the region.

Moreover, the AASU offered its support to address the Chama Hajong issue, displaying solidarity with the concerns of the state.

AAPSU President Dozi Tana Tara praised the efforts of both Chief Minister Hemanta Biswasarma of Assam and Chief Minister Pema Khandu of Arunachal Pradesh in initiating the conclave. He believed that their joint efforts would strengthen law, order, and peace along the border of both states.

With a determination to foster peace and communal harmony, the student organizations plan to engage in various initiatives, such as cultural activities, sporting events, and fostering interpersonal connections, encouraging a congenial atmosphere between the people residing on both sides of the border.

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