APYC threatened the state govt and highway dept to repair the NH-415 within 7 day failing which threatened to hit the street

Concerning seriously over the deteriorating plight of National Highway – 415 within capital complex, Arunachal Pradesh Youth Congress (APYC) on Saturday demand state government to start he repairing of road within seven days and complete in the greater interest of public service and welfare. The APYC threatened to launch democratic movement in here in fail to abide by the genuine public demand. 

The  repairing and maintenance of NH-415 package need to be expedite, failing to youth Congress along with all party workers will hit the street in form of democratic movement, said President APYC Tarh Jhony. It is very saddening to witness the snail pace construction of highways package B & C right from Banderdewa to Itanagar for the last five to six years, the worse suffers the commuters right form Nirjuli to Naharlagun and to Papunallah. He said.

The worst affected are the commuters such as office goers, students and people coming from other districts for medical emergencies, he said in fact on a daily basis patients and tourists have to bear the brunt due to sorry state affairs of stretches. Even the normal people are developing some disease due to dusty road and several building and house along theirods side are full of dust. He said.

Due to inefficient of State government and its officers of Highway department the tourists might have a bad impression towards the state of Arunachal as they have to face difficulties which will directly put an impact on the growth of the tourism sector in the state. As the people of state who come to state capital and if the Itanagar is the face of the state what can be expected in the district  and circle headquarter and we ourselves feel shame on us as we are equally responsible for not supervised the project when it was under construction. However the defect liability goes to the agency and why the agency is not doing its normal duty and we are not asking to carry out any special work but repair the road within seven days. Everyone gives dame excuse of rain but it is November and now it is better if the repairing and maintenance work start on war footing and give some relief to the vehicle owners and commuters. The APYC President Jhony said.  

It is crystal clear that the quality of work has been compromised and it is not up to the expectation as the inferiority of the road has been revealed during monsoon seasons, said APYC, while taking the instances of portions of NH 415 between Chandranagar to Papu Nallah which got damaged and several huge potholes has been created and some portion of road has also washed away recently.

Lamenting damaged portions of roads are posing live threats for the commuters, and several road accident has been taken place on daily basis and who will compensate for the these loss. The Committee questioned why state government are unable to repair the stretch of 10 km that was inaugurated with much fanfare in March 2021 by CM?

We will have no other and alternated option but the raise the issue seriously and hit the street in the greater public welfare. The APYC President further said.

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