Techi Kaso welcomed the decision by Capital DC to recall his order dated Dec 7

ITANAGAR, The deputy commissioner capital, Itanagar has withdrawn its December 7 order whereby it had announced to stop issuance of LPC as well as canceling any LPCs issued earlier from reserved forest and Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary area. The move of DC was strongly opposed by the PRI leaders of I-Borum and XI-Batt Ganga zilla and other PRIU leaders of the Panchayat constituencies who had called for immediate withdrawal of the said order.

Itanagar Techi Kaso also wrote to the state government seeking cancellation of the order. Reacting to the report of DC withdrawing the controversial order, Kaso welcomed it.

“Before issuing any such order which can create unrest in the society, the government officials should be careful. For now, I am happy that this order has been withdrawn,” said Kaso. However, he expressed concern over a move to make it compulsory to take NOC from the forest department for developmental projects in the Itanagar capital region.

“This is unnecessary and will create hurdles in implementation of the development project. Government should remember that things have changed now. Population is growing and it is unfair to expect people to still remain in the same villages which were notified by the forest department way back in 1978,” said Kaso. He appealed to the central and state governments to look into the matter seriously.

 Meanwhile Kaso has supported the move of Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) to make it mandatory to get NOC from IMC to avoid any duplicity and to streamline proper monitoring of the works

“Duplicity of work is rampant in the capital. This move of IMC will check such illegal activities. Govt money should not be allowed to be misused,” said Kaso.

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