Stipend already disbursed while scholarship will be released by June : Taba Tedir

ITANAGAR, Jun 11: The education minister Taba Tedir has said that the department is making an all-out effort to release pending stipends of students at the earliest. Briefing the media here on Friday, Tedir said the department has already released stipends of students who had applied under state government schemes.

“There are two types of scholarship programmes. One is sponsored by the state government and the other by the ministry of tribal affairs, government of India. 16,374 students applied under the state government scheme in the national scholarship portal (NSP). We have released Rs 27 crore for it. Last month 16, 268 students received their stipend,” said the education minister. He said there was some issue regarding account details of 106 students due to which funds could not be transferred and the department is working on it.

On the reason for delay in releasing stipends of students who had applied under the ministry of tribal affairs, he said the government of India is yet to release the fund.

“Rs 90 crore is needed for it. As per norms ministry pays 90 percent of share and state government pays 10% matching share. First installment of Rs 18 crore has been released by the tribal affairs ministry and state government also released Rs 2 crore as matching share. But Rs 20 crore is not enough to meet up the requirement of all the deserving and applied students. We have repeatedly written to the ministry to release the remaining share,” said Taba Tedir.  

However, the matter was taken up as priority and the education department has taken a loan from the state government to clear pending stipends.

“We have received a loan of Rs 69.68 crore which will be returned to the state government when the fund from the ministry arrives. Within June month the stipend will be uploaded in NSP and students will receive their pending stipends,” added education minister Tedir.  

 Regarding stipend of DIET students, the minister said funds have already been placed in the districts. “Due to the lockdown and Covid situation there might have been delays in some districts and may be pending in treasury or other reasons. But it should be provided to students at the earliest,” he said.

Tedir also said being education minister he understands the issues concerning the students. “Students are facing a difficult time due to Covid 19 situation. Therefore, we are making every effort to ensure that stipends are released on time. But government processes take some time. I assure student communities that we take their concern seriously,” he said.

Further he clarified that the education department does not deal with scholarship of the medical or nursing students and it is being taken care of by the directorate of medical education and department of Health & Family welfare. .

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