Potom inspected the underpass construction work at Bank Tinali

ITANAGAR, JUNE 20 ; The Capital Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom has today visited under construction work of underpass at Bank Tinali and inspected the work progress and interacted the  authority engineer and side engineers and workers to update the work progress of underpass and serve lane.

Potom inform the press that ‘I use to visit the underpass work progress being the Chairman of the underpass deputed by state government and I have been informed today that around 70 % of the work progress of underpass has been completed and it may take another 15 days to complete the remaining work’, out of 130 metre around 80 metre has been completed. He said.

“The major parts of the work of the service lane has been completed on three sides and only one side has been remaining due to the standing monument of Itafort western gate”, Potom said.

The work carried out to protect the monument ‘ Itafort’ is good and it is clear that the monument has not been touched and protection and retaining wall to protect the monument is underway and order was given to the highway department u/s-133 CrPc earlier. Potom said. Due to under construction of retaining wall to protect the itafort monument there is a scarcity of service lane and I have instructed the engineers of highway and authority engineers and TK engineering construction to work out a mechanism and accordingly better option will be taken up after the completion of service all side. Potom added.

“ I have also seen in media circulating about allegedly damage cause to Itafort and for which I myself make it here to verify and it is a fact that there was a fencing of the itafort which is still standing and there was no protection  wall earlier and now the under construction protection wall will be  permanent one to protect the monument’ Potom said.

The work got delayed for a few months due to the Assam and Bengal elections and the progress was also affected due to Covid pandemic. DC said.

A complaint was also received by a local land donor and I hope he may after the visit also find the protection wall which is being undertaken up. Potom added.

DC further assured the people of the capital complex that anyhow we will try to complete the underpass latest by August and for which necessary direction and inspection are being done on the day today basis. Hope that we may drive our  vehicle by August 15 2021 through the underpass and service lane.


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