Ojing Tasing visited the Water Conservation Project at Gueng Lake

Ojing Tasing visited the Water Conservation Project at Gueng Lake

BOLENG, April 29: Pangin-Boleng MLA Ojing Tasing alongwith PRI members, officials of WRD Pangin Division and villagers of Riga on Wednesday visited the Water Conservation Project at Gueng Lake.

Gueng Lake is situated around 1200 meters above MSL near Riga Village in Siang District.
The local MLA trekked at least for three hours and camped overnight within the vicinity of the lake.
During his visit, Tasing sought Community participation in making the project successful which is funded by the state govt during the financial year 2020-21.
He also requested the villagers not to cut trees in and around the lake and plant more trees wherever necessary.

The MLA further exhorted them to tap the huge potential of natural resources and do sustainable harnessing from it.
“Gueng Lake can be a best tourist destination if properly developed. So,  quality of works should not be compromised while constructing the  project”, he said.
Tasing further said that  the third world war might happen because of the water  crisis, adding that because of  growing population the fragile  ecology might be hampered if not conserved now.
Siang District unit BJP president Tapang Tamut who accompanied the MLA said  it is high time the people tap the rich potential of natural resources of the area and develop fisheries so that more migratory birds can nest around.
Tamut also requested the villagers to put proper signs and signages  of the route from the roadside to Lake side  in order to make the visitors well acquainted with it.
Observing that there is huge scope for cultural and eco-tourism in Riga area, he requested the villagers to maintain hospitality and provide best services to attract more tourists.
The BJP unit president also called for stopping shifting cultivation to secure the water sources and adopt a long term plan  to develop the area properly.
Pangin Division WRD EE Debaang Tayeng informed that the water conservation project has been conceptualized to secure drinking water, irrigation and for tourism purposes.
“There has been climate change and global warming. So, there is an urgent need to secure the water sources and it’s catchment area”, he said.

The WRD EE also urged the villagers to shun hunting and conserve the wildlife from further damage.
He added that the lake can also be a best orchids trail if properly developed.
Riga block ZPM Tarik Tatin and village elder Tapon Tasing also spoke.
Later today,  the participants planted trees within the vicinity of the lake and organized social service.

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