Nalo and Simai appeal to the party workers to remain united for the strength of the party

DAMBUK, SEPT 3 : The Minister of Tourism, Transport and CA & LM Nakap Nalo and Tourism Advisor Laisam Simai, MLA has appeal the party workers of Dambuk Mandal unit to remain united and work for the strengthening of party and development of the area, district and state as a whole.

Nalo and Simai today visited the 42 Dambuk BJP Mandal Office here at Dambuk in Lower Dibang valley and interacted with the party cadres and karyakartas.

Nal in his address said that there may be pitiful differences in certain issues but for the sake of party strength we have to remain united. If we all are united the party senior leaders can also understand the unity and strength of the party cadres and karyakarta and there would be no difference in carrying out the work of development for the respective area”. He said adding that the party cadre and karyakartas have to carry forward awareness to the masses on several sponsored centrally and state government schemes for development of area and welfare of people.

Laisam Simai in his address said that our party is ruling in state and it is a happy moment that the party is also working for the welfare of large numbers of people and that is the reason large numbers of people are being associated with the party. So the responsibility remains with the party leaders and they have to deliver goods for the strengthening of the party right from grassroots level and work for the welfare of the masses and development of the area.

In 2014 there was 14 seats elected to the legislative assembly and in 2019 it come up to full majority so it is only due to the support and cooperation of all stakeholders and general masses so we should not waste the time and join hands together for the welfare of the people and deliver the responsibility to the masses with a commitment. Simai added.

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