Local construct garbage beds for garbage collection

ITANAGAR, JULY 17 ; The IMC ward members with support of youths and elders today carried out social service activities in Mowb-II area and created awareness among the locality to remain safe from the huge deposition of garbage in the sector and colony.

Tagam Tayu, Ward Member Mowb-II informs that we today have a social service in the area with the help of youths and elders and an awareness drive on garbage management. Senior members of the area were also invited who motivated the youths and locality to keep the garbage in a safer place so that the garbage vehicle can lift the garbage properly and it does not speed in the locality and create nuisance.

Tagam said that in some cases it has been observed that the garbage beehive does not come regularly. The system today will be much helpful for the locals and they can deposit the garbage in the garbage bed prepared.

He further appealed to the general public not to throw plastic waste and garbage on the street and nearby institutions like hospital, school, college, office and open market and open area to create nuisance which is also harmful for health and hygiene.

Huge garbage deposited and thrown by the locals were also disposed of properly on the occasion.

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