I am trying to compete most of the CC pavement road in capital complex before 2024 election- Techi Kaso MLA  

ITANAGAR, JUNE 30 ; The Itanagar capital complex MLA Techi Kaso has informed that the requirement of CC Pavement road was on priority and will try to complete in most part of the capital complex.

If the road, drainage system, communication, infrastructure development and good environment in the capital is made available then it will automatically reflect in the entire state and even it show the good governance and public welfare and well being of the people. Said Kaso.

As road is the mother of all development and trying that the maximum which might have left behind will be complete by next few months.  Due to lack of sufficient land in the capital complex so I am trying to construct G+2/3 building for the government employees in twin city so that upto some extend the accommodation facilities of the government employees are resolved and the process and construction work may teaks places soon after the monsoon. He said

With regards to bypass road connecting Papunallah to Itanagar Via Jullang the work has already been started and hope the construction agency do is properly and quality may be maintained and also the department may properly monitor. Due to several reason the work of the bypass road from Papunallah to Itanagar Vie DPVB was not progress in covid 19 pandamic period due to non receipt of fund. The state government is also taking care and I will make correspondence in the matter. He said.

Due to funding gap by central government several bridge could not have been taken  up but hope that state government might have kept fund and road become memorable even if the bridges are not constructed in winter and the public can use and the bridges are also taken up by the government and department concerned. The said road connecting Papunallah to Itanagar via Donyi Polo vidya bhawan become motorable and people use it.. Said Kaso.

Youth leader Tai Gagung and Tadar Patung alongwith his family members has extended full support and cooperation to Tecki Kaso leadership and lauded the work initiative of Kaso in all round development of capital complex.

Both Tai Gagung and Tadar Patugn also shared their experiences and advice to the gathering and assured full support to Techi Kaso in development of Itanagar capital complex. 

Itanagar ZPM Taro Tagia, Doimukh ZPM Techi Rakap, MC Corporater Gora Tallang, Tamuk Tagiang were present and share their views and suggestion and also take part in the function.

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