District level review meeting of BJP workers and PRI leaders held at Basar

LEPARADA, The state BJP president Biyuram Waghe along with party general secretary Nalong Mize, advisor to the Chief Minister Tapin Siga and party Vice President Tarh Tarak attended a district level review meeting of BJP workers and PRI leaders held at Basar here on Monday.

Addressing the meeting, Waghe appealed to the district and mandal level party workers to organise regular meetings in the booth level to spread the developmental works done by the party in the state so far.

He said it’s the responsibility of the leaders to inform the public about the works executed under the BJP government in the state as a payback for their support to the party.

“If the public is unaware of the achievements by the state government in context to infrastructure, health and education etc in the state, there is no use of being the party workers,” he said, appealing to the workers to gather passion for the responsibility.

Waghe also appealed to the ZPMs of the district to contribute for the construction of Mandal office in the district. He assured to provide additional requirements from the state party office, in case of need.

While quoting, ‘Vision government ka and Mission Karyakarta ka’, Waghe said the vision of BJP led Narendra Modi government should be taken up as a mission by the party workers in the entire state. This should be done by reaching out to the village level to disseminate the vision of the government.

He said a party leader or a worker should be passionate about their individual responsibility and work hard accordingly.

“Don’t work with expectation, if you’re passionate about your work and responsibility, some or the other day you’ll have a positive result,” he added.

Among others, ZPC Nyabi Dirchi, Leparada district BJP president Johnya Basar and state BJP vice president Tagin Siga also attended the meeting. 

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