BJP President Biyuram Wahge launched #BJYMCares help line for public service

 BJP President Biyuram Wahge launched #BJYMCares help line for public service

ITANAGAR, APRIL 20 : BJP state President Biyuram Wahge today launches #BJYM Cares help line for helping out the needy persons during the Covid pandemic.

Addressing the BJYM karyakarta, Wahge said that we are passing through a critical period and 2nd wave of Covid has hit the state, country and world and it is high time to take several precautionary measures for our safety and security in fight against the Covid infection among the citizens.

The youths of the BJYM in last year have done lots of work and given lots of services to the people by distributing facemask, ration items and also worked at Covid Care centre in various parts of state is praiseworthy.

Wahge said, Apart from that the youths have voluntarily donated blood to serve humanity. He said.
This year also as the youths have been motivated and have lots of enthusiasm to help the needy people in the fight against the pandemic. Wahge added.
BJYM President Ram Tajo said that youths have always come forward to help and support the people during the fight against Covid pandemic. We have experienced helping the needy during the pandemic last year and we are preparing for the same again. He said.
Today the helplines launched will help several people in distress. Initially three teams have been constituted. The 1st team will coordinate all the district unit and capital unit team, the 2nd team will liaise with the state government, health department, district administration and senior party leaders, lawmakers, social workers and others for management and supporting the needy people and Covid warriors and health care workers. The 3rd team will visit several vulnerable places, check gates and hospitals and also go for distribution of essential items to the needy and also help the people in health care and providing ambulances.
The BJYM has also released few mobile numbers and needy people may contact the numbers for help or best would be one who is excess to twitter can tweet and people associated with the help line will immediately try to contact and help the people. Tajo added.
MLA NAMSAI C Z Namchoom, Taliha Mla Nyato Dukam, senior party leaders, BJYM karyakartas among others were present on the occasion.

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