2nd round of meet: Felix appeals Dodum to call off dharna; Activist announces hunger strike from Tuesday

ITANAGAR, APRIL 25 : The 2nd round of meeting on Seppa water supply was held here at the office chamber of the Home Minister at APLA with the team of Sol Dodum on Monday evening. The issue was discussed. The Home Minister appealed to the Activist to call off the stir while Dodum stuck to the demand and announced to continue the stir and this time to sit on Hunger strike from Tuesday onward till his demands are fulfilled.

Speaking to Arunachal News Live after the meeting, Home & Border Affairs Minister Bamang Felix said that  “we have a meeting here and discussed the team Sol Dodum for 2nd time and elaborated the update on the Seppa Potable drinking water supply scheme and conveyed him”.  With regards to providing of clean drinking water supply to the people of Seppa township area,  the secretary PHED and CE PHED has visited Seppa and interacted the people there and inform about the work progress, the carrying of pipeline for connecting the intake point of Kuchi nallah with the reservoir directly will be within one month, the repair and maintenance of defunct RSF Plant at Machabung will be done in three month,  the augmentation of water supply to Seppa township will be completed within 6 months and it was delayed due to Covid pandemic. He said.

Accordingly I have requested Sol Dodum to call off strike, he said.

To maintain the source of water  it is important to protect and preserve the catchment area and a policy in this regard is needed, the catchment area would only be protected if all stakeholders join hands together, cooperate and support not only for Seppa but for the entire state. He said.

With regards to investigation and action against the officers, Home Ministers said  the investigation by SIT/SIC (an agency of government) by which the state government can do and anyone can make complaints, but pointing against somebody without substance but can be used. He said.

All reports with regards to the Seppa water supply scheme have been received. He added.

With regards to transfer of officers, the Home Minister said that the transfer and posting is a government policy and it would be done by the government as per norms. Home Minister Felix added.

Meanwhile, reacting to the 2nd meeting with the Home Minister, Activist Sol Dodum said that I have been here after a foot march from Seppa and sit on dharna on the potable drinking water supply and corruption. We had a discussion earlier and again today afternoon with the Home Minister. I have put forward my demands and stuck to my demands. He said.

There is corruption and the youth and younger generation of the state have a great hope and expectation on the state government against the corruption as the state government always speaks of zero tolerance on corruption. He said.

A free and fair and independent enquiry is required and I am sticking to the demand and during the investigation the officer concerned should not be in the chair whether he is suspended or transferred from the place. He said.

My point is also that all the alleged accused involved in his attack should be booked and legal action initiated, the free and fair investigation could not be possible as alleged against officers and individuals. Dodum said.

“I have already made a complaint to the government and hope it is enough and the government needs to order for investigation and action against all the officers and individuals concerns without delay and I am ready to vacate the place and will call off the stir within no time”. Dodum said.

My demand is investigation on the corruption of the project and free and fair investigation and arrest of all allege accused in his attack at Seppa,  I will continue to demand and if government fail to respond to the demand my democratic movement will continue and I will sit on dharna and hunger strike from Tuesday evening, Activist Dodum added.

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