Workshop on “Mental Health and Help Seeking Behavior” held at DNGC

ITANAGAR, NOV 21 ; A day long workshop on ‘Mental Health and Help Seeking Behavior’ was jointly organized by Department of Anthropology, DNGC and Tribal Research Institute, Rajiv Gandhi University, Doimukh, sponsored by The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, GoI and SJETA, GoAP at Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar was attended by more than 250 students.

Director of SJETA Yumlam Kaha attending the workshop as chief guest emphasis the stduenst and youths of state to motivate themselves to become fine gentleman and sreev the society with determination and commitment. He focused on increasing cases of mental health degradation while correlating it with increasing drug addiction among the young population. He also talked about the awareness on the issue of ‘policy paralysis’ in the state and an emphasis on far sighted ambition among the youth population. 

He appeal the students and youths of state to carry forward the education with a mission to become a good professional and earn for family and at the same time guide the younger generation for a vibrant society and future and development of state and country. He assure all support for department for organizing such awareness programme on youths reformation and development of tribal society.

Dr. Md Asghar. Dr Bikash Bage, nodal officer of Tribal Research Institute, RGU talked about the forming of TRI and all the projects which has been undertaken by TRI, with the core responsibility to substantiate academic contribution to the policy making, schemes and programs in Arunachal Pradesh. 

National Tribal Research Institute (NTRI), New Delhi, Special director Dr Nupur Tiwari, made a special lecture on  ‘Mental Health in Tribal Populations’ through video conferencing and motivated the students community in tribal inhabitant areas for empowerment through several youth development. She described the socio geographical factors that has shaped the Mental Health culture among the tribal population. She further urged the need of understanding the conception of tribal health traditionally and the awareness on mental health. 

DNGC principal Dr M.Q Khan advised the students to be responsive of the increasing distractions and to maintain a disciplined lifestyle for better mental health. He also spoke in stress management among the students. He emphasis on relationship between parents and teachers for a healthy and prosperous life ahad and fetter future.  

In the technical session a special lecture was presented by RGU, Asst Prof. Dept of Psychology Dr. Dharmeshwari Lourembam speaks on mental health among students’ that focused on the mental health and the state of well being and also how different factors affect the mental health. She also suggested how mental health is important to explore the ultimate potential. 

A special lecture was also presented by NHM clinical psychologist Oyin Mibang on the theme ‘Stress Management Techniques and Help seeking’, she demonstrated different techniques for stress management. 

All Arunachal Pradesh Psychological Association representative Koj Rinyo presented her lecture on ‘Seeking Professional Help’, She talked about the differentiation in the work of mental health care professionals and an awareness on the helpline and tele-counseling which is available. 

DNGC, HoD Department of Anthropology Dr. Ratna Tayeng also spoke and elaborated the programme and emphasis such programme for better management on mental health and would help youths in empowerment to lead a healthy life with a good health and sound mind.

 More than 250 student participants and faculty members of DNGC attended the workshop.

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