Six people were injured and around 7 houses damaged in lekhi due to flash floods

NAHARLAUGN, MAY 25: Six people have been reportedly injured due to a flash flood caused early morning on Tuesday that damaged seven dwellings of mostly OBT in the Lekhi area opposite of ISBT in Naharlagun circle of the capital complex.

The local resident Tarh Hari informed me that it was never expected that such a huge volume of rain water would directly hit the boundary wall of Lekhi Public school and my residence is also adjacent to the school. I find that the huge volume of rain water may have diverted its own course from ISBT entering the school campus after it damaged the boundary wall measuring  around 40 metres, damaging a labour barrack and site of a welding garage damaging all the personal belongings and household property and injuring all the six people. Four out of six people are under medical treatment while two of them have been discharged after first aid. Hari said.

A local resident KIpa Kanam inform that early morning at around 4.30 AM the huge volume of water also entered his residential campus and submerged  the low lying area and damaged a residential OBT building with a huge cow shed and after getting no option I have to break the wall to give passage to the huge volume of water down side. He said.

As per information around seven housed has been damaged and the rainwater has entered in the RCC buildings also. he said and urge upon the Urban development department to kindly take care of the area and carry out the work allotted to them for proper drainage system and storm water drainage system for ISBT or else we have to suffer time and again in all monsoon season.

As per information, the flood water has entered into the administrative building of women college, boys hostel of NIT and other residential areas and have created havoc among the locality.

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