Reports of damage due to storm on Friday still arrived from Tirap and Longding  district

ITANAGAR, MAY 1 : The report of destruction and damage is still arriving from both Tirap and Longding district.  The damage caused due to nature fury has been arriving on Sunday from Tirap district from various circles.

Tirap DDMO and Circle officer PIk Tayom inform that there has been a downpour for days and even today it is raining.  Reports of damage and destruction have been arriving from various circles of Tirap district. He said.

As per reports received so far more than 30 RCC, SPT, MBT and OBT houses have been completely damaged and beyond repair. More than 200  such houses are partially damaged. The figure can be more as reports are still coming from other circles. DDMO said.

Reports of damage and destruction have been received from Dadam, Lazu, Longo, Boruduria, Soha, Deomali, Bari basit, Khonsa. He said.

The CRPF camp at Khonsa has been badly affected and damaged in the cyclone, several schools, church and community hall and dwelling has been damaged completely or partially. The HSS Demali, HSS girls hostel at Khonsa, Chass village, upper Pry school at Tupi village, church and school damaged at Pullong, Mukra in Dadam circle school and villages. Report received of damage from Pullong and Chassa village of Borduria and Deomali. DDMO said.

The team of SDRF are also working and clearing trees from the roadside and public places on war footing, and also clearing some obstruction caused due to nature fury. He added. 

I myself carry out supervising and clearing activities and also inspecting the nearby villages from where the reports are arriving. PIk Tayom, CO and DDMO.

However, the Longding HQ EAC Dakli Gara has informed that the report of damage due to heavy downpour and cyclone has been forwarded to state government and necessary direction and advice has been passed on to local administrative officers to support the locals in need. 

As per report received from Zedua village where 20 nos of SPT houses, one nos of Community hall has been damaged and two nos of kucha are fully damaged. Seven nos of kutcha houses in Longdig township were also damaged of which four were partially, Damages of house and standing crops reported form Pumao, as per report  private dwelling houses, government infrastructure, huts, go down etc. EAC Gara added. 

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