My priority is to work for unity, integrity, peace, progress and development of Papum Pare district. Sought everyone support- DC  Cheechung Chukhu

YUPIA, MAY 23 : The Papum Pare Deputy Commissioner Cheechung Chukhu on Tuesday said that I have joined a Deputy commissioner of the district and my priority will be for unity, integrity, peace, progress and all round development of the district. I need everyone support so that the district administration reached to the expectation of the people. 

Addressing the news person here at Papum Pare district headquarter, Yupia the DC  Cheechung Chukhu said I have joined as DC Yupia on May 9 and since then I have continued with several meeting with all the stake holders so that all administrative activities function smoothly and the priority works of the district does not get derails anyway and work smoothly.  I have a plan for the district but need time and support from all the areas. He said.

I have preliminary discussion on the border issue of the district bordering with North Lakhimpur and there is a meeting on May 26 so before it I will know by the people on the issue on the matters. He said.

First of all I find that several speed breakers have been constructed on the urban and rural roads including the Trans Arunachal Highway which is a great obstruction to the smooth flow the vehicular traffic movement. An executive order has been issued on Monday for removal of all such speed breaker from the highway and if it is not removed within next fifteen days it will be removed by the administration. He said.

Movement of domestic animals is another issue and in first instance it is requested that the cattle and domestic animals owners are requests to keep them in safe custody to avoid nuisances in urban areas, in street and specially on roads which are detrimental to fatal road accidents. Said DC Yupia.

Cleanliness is another important part of everyone life and I will suggest everyone including the administrative officer and all the officers and officials of the Papum Pare district administration to maintain cleanliness  of their office and sounding to remain a healthy body with a good health and sound mind and work with a renewed zeal in the office and also during visit to people at various location. I will request the officers to motivate the general public to maintain clean and green environment. Said DC Yupia Chukhu.

I have called a meeting of stake holders in view of onset of monsoon and our main concern will be safety of life and property. General public are requested to maintain alert during the heavy rain to avoid any untoward incident. He said.

Traffic congesant in Doimukh township is another issue and a  discussion with SDO and Doimukh police has been made to regulate the parking of vehicle on weekly basis and matter will be finalized at SDO level after proper discussion with market committee and police and a executive order is issued to follow the traffic rule in Doimukh township. Said DC Yupia.

Encroachment is another issue and during 1998 when I was a executive magistrate and was deputed to check activities, During those days I find that there was several proposal for establishment of banks, shopping complex, markets, offices and etc and it was known to use that the Yupia would be one of the well plan model town based on the Chandigarh model but now it seems that several things has not been upto the mark so it is necessary that a fresh survey is needed to know the exact position of the district headquarter infrastructure its location and land for several other purpose as proposed in the cadastral map of 1998. I have already order for conducting of fresh survey of the Yupia headquarter land and plan. 

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