Mega Mock exercise on earthquake scenario conducted at various locations of Itanagar

Itanagar, November 14: Mega Mock exercise on earthquake scenario was conducted at various locations of Capital Itanagar today.

A hypothetical earthquake scenario was created during the mock exercise  to check on the preparedness level of the District and most importantly activating the Incident Response Team to tackle disaster and to build up the capacity of the District for disaster management as our state lies in the Seismic Zone V.

The IRT was led by Incident Commander Jiken Bomjen ADC and assisted by Deputy Incident Commander Khoda Lhasa EAC.

Once, the earthquake siren was blown, calls were received by the DEOC( District Emergency Operating Centre) led by CO Shania Kayem Mize to give update on disaster and to seek help and accordingly the Incident Response System( IRS) was activated by the team.

Rescue vehicles were mobilised at the staging site and which were later sent to various locations for rescue operation, informed Staging area managers Tamo Dada and Dana Unna, both EACs.

ASP Thutan Jampa Operations Section Chief looked after the detailment of the rescue vehicles and the search and rescue operation. Ambulances and Fire Tenders were put to service as and where required.

A Medical Aid Post was also set up  at RKM Hospital to respond and to provide medical aid to the injured patients under the supervision of Nodal Officer Dr Tahang Mize DRCHO.

Retired General Major  Sushir Bahl Coordinator from NDMA along with Komkar Dulom Director Disaster Management visited the incident sites and took stock of the entire situation.

Further, a relief camp was also set up at Vivekananda Hall, RKMH to provide  shelter to the victims under the supervision of Jaya Taba CDPO Itanagar.

Altogether, Personnels from Police Department, Fire&Emergency services,NDRF, SDRF ,CRPF ,AAPDA MITRAS ,NCC and volunteers participated in the Mock exercise.

The laisoning officer Moromi Dodum Sonam DDMO informed that the Mock Exercise was conducted in the following locations: 

1) Gelam Memorial High School, Chandranagar.

2) Residential Complex, Police Colony, Itanagar

3) Directorate of Higher and Technical Education, ESS Sector, Itanagar

4) RK Mission Hospital, Itanagar.

5) KK Departmental Store, Vivek Vihar, Itanagar.

Responsible Officer Talo Potom DC informed that such exercise should be carried out more often to generate awareness about the various aspects of disaster as well as to train people on how to conduct themselves during disasters.

Later, after completion of the mock exercise, a debriefing session was held where RO highlighted the strength and the improvement scope of ICC Incident response team.

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