Hope Arunachal Concludes Weeklong Programme Sponsored By Ministry Of Culture, Govt Of India

LIKABALI Nov 16: A Week long slew of Programmes were organized and conducted by HOPE ARUNACHAL sponsored by the Ministry Of Culture, Govt of India at various venues including Govt Institutions. 

A programme on “GALO CUSTOMARY LAWS, TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE SYSTEM AMONG THE GALOOS OF ARUNACHAL PRADESH” was conducted at Govt Higher Secondary School, Likabali, Lower Siang. Speaking on occasion, CHIMO TAIPODIA while concerning the deteriorating Galo Customary Law and its marriage system, awarded the people the importance of the same to continue in every walk of a Galo community. 

Another programme on ” PRESERVATION OF OLD MANUSCRIPTS, LITERATURE, ARTS & CRAFTS AND DOCUMENTATION OF CULTURAL ACTIVITIES/EVENTS LIKE MUSIC, DANCE ETC.” was conducted and organized by HOPE ARUNACHAL at Govt Secondary School, Liru, Lower Siang District. Smt JOTER GAMLIN, a teacher by profession, apprised the importance of preservation of manuscripts, literature, arts and crafts and documentation of cultural activities such as music, dance etc to the participants, largely of which were students. 

Yet another programme “DISSEMINATION THROUGH AUDIO-VISUAL PROGRAMMES OF ART & CULTURE” was a part of the programme which was organized and conducted by HOPE ARUNACHAL at Govt Secondary School, Lipu, Lower Siang District. JABI TAIPODIA (teacher) spoke on the topic and disseminated the importance of arts and culture of Galo through the Audio Visual modes. The participants were highly benefitted by the programme .

Lastly, another programme on “TRAINING IN TRADITIONAL AND FOLK ART” was undertaken at Govt Secondary School, Lipu, Lower Siang District. Karlo (teacher) spoke on the importance of maintaining the legacy of traditional and folk arts, through the training of the traditional and folk arts respectively.

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