Graveyard of former PRI leader Late Ngurang Yakap vandalized in Arunachal territory; Locals and family members demanded action from admn and state govt

TARASSO, NOV 17 : The local resident, PRI Leaders and other of Dolung Ramghat area under Tarasso circle of Papum Pare district has urged upon the district administration and state government to take legal action against those who vandalized the memory (cemetery) of Late Ngurang Yakap, former ASM who passed on August 7 1995 and a memorial structure was build then.

Speaking to media, Dolung-Ramghat panchayat Tana Yakar inform that the structure was constructed in way back in 1995 and it was standing since then. The family members come every year to celebrate the death anniversary. This year also they celebrated the day and their children’s went back to Itanagar but as per information the structure has been vandalized by the official of the counterpart and the reason is best known to them. We have no any difficulty with the local residing in Assam side and we all are maintaining cordial relationship and living together for decades. She said.

Yakap was a famous lady during her tenure and she was popularly known as ‘ Indira Baido’ and such cowardly act of vandalism of her memory has hurt our sentiment and sought legal action against all those who are involed in the act either forest official, police or anyone. She added.

Tarasso circle youth association (TCYA) President Ngurang Akai inform that the every year during the celebration of the anniversary maintenance work nearby the graveyard are being done since 1995 and is not done this year only. We are not discussing on the land but the grave yard is located at the place where several houses were existing though no one are residing as all of the houses were evicted by the Assam forest official in passage of time after 1995 onwards.  He said.

The land belongs to us since time immoral, our parents were residing at the same place for decades and no any new structure or forest destruction was done by anyone after the death of our mother and how come someone come and vandalize the memorial constructed in way back in 1995 and the act is highly condemnable and action is needed and the state government should immediately lodge strong protest on the act with its counterpart Assam side. The youth president added.

Late Yakap son Ngurang Tonke informed the media that mother was a very popular figure in the area and was famous for her good relationship and social work among the people living in the vicinity. During 50s there was no name of Arunachal Pradesh and they were settled and houses were constructed several decade back and my parents were residing there. She has served the area as Anchal samity members and popularly known as ‘ Indira Baido’. The area is known as  ‘ Dwr-Rahgu’ and it was well within Raghat panchayat of Tarasso circle and the structure build and the bore well remain speaks of the same and the most important is the memory build after the death of my mother in 1995. We celebrate the anniversary every year except during the Covid pandemic. He said.

The area got electrification and during the time the Assam declare the area as Singlijan reserve forest and started eviction destruction of government and private property including the electrification and village transformer. He said.

After the death of my parents all the household and the private property were dismantled and eviction and myself migrated to other place and visit during the anniversary celebration and all my memory are attached with my mother are remembered on day and the vandalizing of my mother memory is uncalled and act of heart break of a son and no son of daughter can digest the act carried out by the forest official as has been experienced in past. He said.

Due to elephant movement in the area the memory was partially affected and minor repairing and maintenance was done on November 2nd and such act is highly condemnable and urged action by either Arunachal Pradesh or Assam state government or else the faith on the administration may diminish as ther is no any difference and communal tension among the people living on both side of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and such act may accelerate confusion and tension among the local people. He said.

It is happy that the both the state government are carrying our discussion for a permanent solution of boundary problem but in that case also the memory of my mother should not be a point of discussion and the matter has already been informed to the high level team of both state at the venue and I have informed of our family sentiments. He said though the matter has been informed to the Tarasso Circle Officer and I am going a a formal complaint with the Balijan Police for legal action. Tonke added.

Tasso Circle officer R Mele when contacted informs that I have received of a complain from Ngurang Tonkey and accordingly forwarded has been passed on the Deputy Commissioner who may take up the matter with the counterpart. He said.

Basically the graveyard is a crucial point of claim of the settlement and I will inspect the graveyard. The Circle officer added.

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