Assam Rifles Organizes “Har Aangan Yoga” in Village Manmao to Promote International Yoga Day

Manmao: In an effort to promote the celebrations of International Yoga Day and spread awareness about the benefits of yoga, Assam Rifles organized a yoga session with the locals in Village Manmao on June 8, 2023, under the initiative called “Har Aangan Yoga.”

The event witnessed the participation of 27 individuals, including youth, women, children, and village elders. The session focused on various yoga asanas and techniques that help in building body awareness, enhancing strength and flexibility, and combating physical and mental fatigue.

Following the yoga session, a lecture was conducted to educate the participants about the importance of yoga in maintaining physical and mental well-being. The lecture emphasized the positive impact of yoga on overall health and encouraged the locals to incorporate yoga into their daily lives.

The initiative by Assam Rifles was well-received by the local populace, who expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the organization’s efforts in bringing such beneficial activities to their community. The event not only promoted the celebration of International Yoga Day but also served as an educational platform, enlightening the participants about the significance of yoga in staying physically and mentally fit.

Through their commitment to the welfare of the locals, Assam Rifles has once again demonstrated their dedication to community development and holistic well-being. The success of the event has encouraged hopes for future collaborations between Assam Rifles and the local community to further promote health and wellness initiatives.

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