Arunachal Taekwondo Officials Secure Key Positions for National Games 2023

Itanagar, Oct 08: Arunachal Taekwondo Association (ATA) officials have clinched prominent roles in the upcoming National Games 2023, set to take place in Goa. Mr. L Sokun Singh, the Senior Vice President of the Taekwondo Federation of India and Youth Wellness Officer, Department of Education, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, has been appointed as a member of the Championship Supervisory Board (CSB). Joining him is Mr. Borik Pamo, Referee Chairman of the Arunachal Taekwondo Association, who has been named an official referee.

This momentous announcement underscores the expertise and dedication of Arunachal Taekwondo Association (ATA) officials in the field of taekwondo. The Championship Supervisory Board plays a pivotal role in ensuring the fair and efficient conduct of various sporting events during the National Games, making Mr. L Sokun Singh’s appointment a testament to his capabilities.

Mr. Borik Pamo’s appointment as an official referee is expected to enhance the smooth and impartial adjudication of taekwondo matches during the event. ATA President Dr. Kipa Kaha has expressed confidence in the abilities of Mr. L Sokun Singh and Mr. Borik Pamo, highlighting their individual achievements and the growing influence of Arunachal Taekwondo on the national stage.

Likha Robin, the General Secretary of the Arunachal Taekwondo Association (ATA), congratulated both officials, emphasizing that their selections reflect the hard work and dedication of ATA officials and their commitment to promoting taekwondo in the region.

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