APCC Chief Nabam Tuki ask the APYC leaders to strengthened booth level workers in view of 2024 election

NIRJULI, MARCH 15 : The Arunachal Pradesh congress committee (APCC) President and former Chief Minister Nabam Tukion Wednesday has ask the Arunachal Pradesh youth congress (APYC) leaders to work with a commitment and sincerity to strengthened the booth level leaders and workers in view of assembly and parliamentary election to be held in 2024.

The APCC Chief Nabam Tuki who is also MLA from 15 Sagalee assembly constituency of Papum Pare district was addressing the youth convention organized by APYC  in  a city hotel attended by various district and Block youth congress leaders of state. Tuki while addressing the gathering said that the congress has deep rooted history of the existence and its presence even today across the state and country. The party leaders has laid down their lives for the India independence and even after they serve the country for decades. He Said.

 Since my childhood and early age I have seen the congress leaders and due to which I was also associated with NSUI, Youth congress and later congress and did several works of party at several level including the APYC President, Working president and state President, the party has done best for the people of state and country and due to which the resent days we are here, however someone clam they they did everything but it is the people who can judge the change from those days to present days. By believing the principle of congress we have lots of attachment with Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and others. He said.

“ I feel pity to those leaders who were MLA, Minister, PRI leaders, holding post in congress and now  in other political party speaking against congress as if they are dedicated, hardworking, sincere, clean image and so on so it is better if such leaders should not speak unnecessary against others as no one whant that his neighbor are hurt by his words”. Said Tuki.

Speaking on Bharat Jodo yatra form south to North, Tuki said it was a history and team from Arunachal Pradesh has also joined in Utter Pradesh, New Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Jammu & Kashmir. No time has come to work on booth jodo and ask every party cadres, leaders and workers to start with ground works for strengthening of party right form grassroots level to ensure the deserving, dedicated and hardworking candidate to comfortable victory. Every workers should start with ‘ hath se hath jodo’ so that the party may bceom mare stronger than before. He said.

Youths are the future of tomorrow and country so youths are also given preference at all level including at AICC level so it would be worth mentioning that if any deserving, dedicated and hardworking leaders want to contest they should proved themselves for the cause of the party form grassroots levee, booth level, bock, circle, district and state level and the name of those deserving, dedicated and hardworking leaders may be recommended to APCC level for further discussion and perusal.  Tuki said.

We have lot to do even if there are less resources, he ask the youth congress leaders to rededicate themselves  with determination toward the party and public service for welfare and development of state and country. He requested the gathering to mobilize whatever we have today for better tomorrow. Added APCC Chief Nabam Tuki.

Even if the congress have four MLAs and playing a constructive opposition so it shovel be our endeavors to work for all round development of our constituency and people and party as whole. Tuki also spoke on roles and responsibility of youth congress, unemployment and price rise, present political situation in state and country, election strategies and party programmes and youth jodo activities. 

APYC President Tarh Johny express his happiness on the gathering and appeal the youths leaders who made available to the convention to work with a commitment and determination for the party victory wherever the party candidate contest at any level. We should always try to skill ourselves so that we can also make some innovative to reach a new height to become self employment, self reliant and become part of nation development. Said Tarh Johny.

The APYC President has ask the district, circle and block leaders to carry forward the message of today convention and work for the strengthen of the youth activities by way the youth can become self reliant, self dependent and become self sufficient. 

APCC Leader Vice President Rajen Nani speaks on history of Indian youth congress while APCC Vice President Toko Meena speaks on security of women and children’s in present days.  

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